This photo shows the attention to detail on our 113 Roberts Rd. Mobile Home Kit. Look at the finely designed and molded windows that accurately capture the look of a mobile home from the 1950s. You can see the attention to detail by the drip moldings over the windows and doors, the air vents and even the running lights!


We have some painting and finishing tips that can be found on the Tips & Hints section of this site. We’ve tried to share some small suggestions that have helped us finish our City Classics kits. Please feel free to contact us if you have a question that is not addressed here.


City Classics has been offering modelers some of the finest HO scale structure kits available since 1989. We have spent untold hours researching prototype structures to guarantee that our kits are as accurate as possible. You’ll see the difference when you look at the detail in City Classics kits! We take pride in our products and try our best to ensure that every City Classics is of the highest quality possible.


Every City Classics product is designed and manufactured in the USA. Most of our products are made in or near our hometown of Pittsburgh, PA.

Each kit features injection- molded plastic parts, clear window glazing and easy-to-follow instructions. All City Classics are designed to be  easy-to-assemble, requiring only basic modeling tools. Advanced modelers find that our kits make great starting points for “kitbashing” projects.





The picture to the right shows the intricate detail found on our 101 Grant St. Iron Front Kit. All of that astounding detail is molded right in place on our one-piece front wall! No tiny pieces to glue in place or to lose. We try to incorporate this high level of detail into every City Classics kit at an affordable price!


City Classics buildings are easy to assemble plastic model kits. They are designed to be as realistic as possible for advanced modelers and yet easy to build for newer modelers. Because City Classics are a step up from simple snap-together building kits, they do require a few basic modeling tools, such as plastic cement, modeler’s knife, small file, etc. The basic assembly of City Classics kits is generally quite easy and our instructions are written with newer modelers in mind. Some advanced modelers, however, will spend more time adding extra details which give their models a truly unique appearance.


While most City Classics kit look better with some painting, the amount of painting done is up to you. It can be as simple or as detailed as you want it to be. You’ll find, though, that it won’t take much painting to turn your model into a showpiece you’ll be proud to display!